No, Low Doc is simply a fast track option with low documentation required to speed up the process for Business clients.

No, Glenelg Finance prides ourselves on high tech and highly secure remote documentation and application processes.

Yes, we have options for any vehicle whether it is a brand new car or an older vehicle, we can look at secured or unsecured options.

When you go to your bank they generally only have one option through their bank, we look at over 35 different banks and source you the best deal to suit your needs.

Yes, this is not a problem more and more people are choosing to purchase privately and we have simple and secure solutions for such purchases.

Yes, with over a combined 50years experience in our office we have contacts all over Australia that can help with this.

Yes, this not a problem at all we have amazing tech that allows us to do remote finance however we realise some people like to do things face to face and when they are available – we can come to you anytime anywhere.